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A 360 deg of our B&B

A 360 deg Pano of our B&B - just have to get the split right! The image could create an incorrect impression!   Click on the image to enlarge.


International Guests - Egypt

Our New arrivals recently flew in un-announced and made themselves at home in the "Pool Room"
Mom, Dad and five chicks!   They have been re-located in the nearby wetland we felt that they would be more at home in the un-clorinated water of the ponds.


Written by an American Journalist

I went on a rant the other day regarding the cost of the 2010 World Cup versus all the critical needs South Africa is facing and whether or not the most vulnerable of this country would gain anything from having the World Cup hosted in their country. At that time, I also had some very positive things to say about our hosts for the 2010 World Cup and I wanted to share that side of the coin as well, because it is equally important.

To say that I have been blown away at the hospitality South Africa has shown the rest of the world would be an understatement. I think back on recent Olympics and struggle to remember much reporting in the USA of athletes from other countries. I remember when a Togolese guy won a bronze medal in kayaking and NBC reported it and I thought to myself, "where are all the other fascinating stories like this the Jamaican bobsledding team." In today's America, sadly, we have drifted so far towards being so US-centric that we only seem to root for the Americans.

Not so here in South Africa. I've been here since early May and each week I have become more and more impressed with the global embrace that South Africans have offered up to the world. On the way to the airport a couple of weeks ago, I heard a radio program that said each day they would focus on one country that would be coming to South Africa for the World Cup, and they would explore not only that sport's history in soccer, but also their politics, religion, and socio-cultural practices. On the television, I've seen numerous programs that focus on a particular country and it's history of soccer and how the history of that country is intertwined with their soccer history. I've seen programs on India, exploring why India enjoys soccer but hasn't really excelled at the global level... yet. And I've seen shows on soccer in Muslim countries. Maybe it's planned, maybe it's unplanned, maybe it's by chance, but it is happening. It's not just about South Africans showing off their varied and multifaceted culture to their global guests, it's also about using this opportunity to educate South Africa on the rest of Planet Earth's inhabitants.

As I moved through my work here in the provinces over the last six weeks, I had a pivotal meeting with the Board members of a rural NGO. They were explaining their guiding program philosophy of Ubuntu. No, not the Linux program. I'm talking about the traditional African philosophy of Ubuntu that essentially says, "No man is an island."

I found a better explanation from Wikipedia:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu further explained Ubuntu in 2008:

One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu - the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can't exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can't be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality -- Ubuntu -- you are known for your generosity.

We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole world. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity.

To me, Ubuntu is the acceptance of others as parts of the sum total of each of us. And that is exactly what I have experienced during the lead up to, and the initial days of this World Cup. There is nary a South African citizen that I've met on the street, or in shops or restaurants or hotels, that hasn't gone out of their way to greet me and make me feel like I am home. And I don't mean that in the trivial, "Oh, aren't they nice, homey people here... " sort of way. I mean real, genuine interest and questions. People seriously want to know where I come from. What it's like where I live. How does it compare to where I am now. What do I think of South Africa. Oh yes, and what do I think of Bafana Bafana... The questions and conversations are in earnest. They are honest. And they are had with enthusiasm and a thirst to know more. South Africans are drinking deeply from the cup of humanity that has been brought to their doorstep. I would never imagine that an American World Cup or Olympics would ever be this welcoming to the rest of the world. And that saddens me for the state of my home country, but it also makes me feel the pride of the South African people.

I have been truly humbled on this trip. And while I have my gripes regarding development here, I cannot say one negative thing about how South Africa has handled its duties as host and hostess to the world. If I could say one thing to sum up being here during this once-in-a-lifetime experience, it would be that I've learned the value of Ubuntu, and that when found and offered in abundance, the world is indeed a better place to live in.

So, if South Africa accomplishes nothing more on the playing field, it will still have won as a host country. I am a cynic, no doubt about that. And yet I have to admit, I'm a little teary just writing this because I leave for home next weekend and I will be leaving a little piece of myself here in South Africa. I just hope I have learned enough to bring back a little piece of Ubuntu to my homeland, where perhaps with a little caring and a little water, it will take root as naturally as it does here, in the cradle of civilization. It's funny, many people in America still ask me, "are the people in Africa very primitive?" Yes, I know, amazing someone could ask that but they do. And when they do, I usually explain that living in a mud hut does not make one primitive, however, allowing kids to sell drugs to other kids and engage in drive-by killings -- isn't that primitive behavior? I think it is. When I think of Ubuntu and my recent experiences here, I think America has much to learn from Africa in general, in terms of living as a larger village; and as human beings who are all interconnected with each other, each of us having an affect on our brothers and sisters.

As the 2010 Cup slogan goes, "Feel it. It is here." Well, I have felt it, because I am here. Thank you South Africa, for giving me this unexpected gift. I am humbled.


On the recommendation of a work colleague I spent two weeks with a friend here in Dec 2009. It came highly recommended,and this was fully justified.The accommodation is located in an area of Cape Town called The Gardens. There are fantastic views of Table Mountain from the road in which the guest house lies. The area is discretely but reassuringly well patrolled by Security,and we never once felt unsafe strolling about late into the evening. The guest house was very tranquil and relaxing, yet you are within walking distance of the splendid Government Gardens or the buzzing nightlife of Long Street with its great live bands.The owners Trevor and Liz are absolutely fantastic hosts,and we felt like we were staying with family rather than business people. Breakfast was served in the garden and was a mountain of home made freshly prepared food- traditional and exotic fruits,muesli,bread rolls, yoghurts and juices. They were very attentive without ever being intrusive ,and were very knowledgable about the city they so clearly adore and are so proud of.The owners obviously get enormous satisfaction from seeing their guests have a good time,and this is reflected in their warmth and delight when they hear of the many good days you have had. As well as the many fantastic attractions on the doorstep,they're also happy for you to mooch around the garden to chill and enjoy the sunshine and seem genuinely happy to socialise with you at these times also.In summary there's not one negative thing to say about this place- it's absolutely fantastic.

Mike Lipka


Any travelers arriving in Cape Town can't go wrong if they choose 15 Welgemeend Street. Liz and Trevor are hosts beyond compare, and take the B and B experience to another level. They anticipate your every wish for comfort and enjoyment in this marvellous city. Liz's flair for design and attention to detail are evident throughout the house. The delicious, and healthful, breakfasts are Trevor's forte. But it doesn't stop there - expect extra services like transportation , and provision of a cell phone to stay in touch. We can't recommend this accommodation highly enough. If you have something like this available, don't even think of a hotel.

Cape Town City Bowl



From: ZOPPINI CRISTIAN [] Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 1:06 AMTo: Trevor WilkinsSubject: Hello

Dear Trevor & Liz,

We are fine but we are working very hard because of in this period (the first 3 months of the year) the Lucy’s office has new clients and a lot of activities. Today we looked the pictures of our trip in Cape Town and we thought a lot to you, to our wonderful room, your garden and swimming pool, the superb Liz’s breakfast (expecially home made muesli), the Table mountain, our Italian dinner, but especially your excellent hospitality!!!!!!!

All was great and we store in our heart this marvellous experience… are exceptional people and we miss you so much!!!

We are waiting you in Italy,

Cristian & Lucia



B&B shuttle waiting for us at night at the airport. Beautiful decorated rooms, started the day with a delicious breakfast (home made muesli, jam ,croissants, fresh fruit and orange juice) while Trevor and Liz advised us the best options for the coming days and provided us with cellulars to make domestic calls.
Gardens area is the best location to discover CPT. Long street with restaurants and live music within walking distance.Within 20min taxi ride you are at Camps bay/Clifton beach. Start your stay with a bus-hop tour to get acquainted with the city and surroundings.
Other must include Tafelberg at sunset with 50% discount, concert on sunday at Kirtenbosch beautiful gardens, shopping at Waterfront (incl ferry to Robben island, book online in advance!) or Green market.
It was peak season and car rentals were sold out, this was the best thing that cld hv happened to us. We were 4 and Trevor offered us to take us on a private tour, one day Cape point and False Bay, the second one through the Winelands incl short township visit. The experience was so personal and unique that we have developed a really strong bond with this charming couple which will last forever.
Thanks for this wonderful time and tot ziens!
David Pablos


Dear Liz and Trevor;
At last I find the time to send you a message and warm greetings. We returned home on November 12th after a wonderful journey through Namibia, Botswana and Zambia. We were so lucky to actually see 4 out of the "BIG FIVE" in Etosha National Park. I love Namibia, what a fascinating emptiness of sand, stone and desert.
Of course most important I would like to express again my sincere thanks to you both for your extraodinary hospitality. You certainly know how to make a stranger welcome. Your help, concern and caring was what one would expect of a friend, but you simply took us "drifters" under your able "wing" and opened your home and hearts to us. Liz, your eye for detail, colour and necessity made our wing a charming place to be. Your breakfasts were superp, healthy, delicious and matched with the very good coffee simply a "happening". Trevor, I decidedly enjoyed chatting with you about your wonderful and very successful hobby of photography and sailing in general. Thank's again for the drive in the rain to our early G.A.P. departure.
If and when I return to Cape Town I hope to spend more time with you in your beautiful manor.
P.S. I hope the renovations are going well, if not finished.
Take care and enjoy the pre-xmas season.
Warmest regards
Ute Wilson



Enjoy your Continental Breakfast served on the porch or under the Gazebo or in the Winter when its raining round the old yellow wood table in the Dining Room
Your breakfast could consist of a fruit platter as in the picture, Farm made yogurt fresh from Moo to you! Liz's Home made Meusli, Home made Jams (Preserves), We mill organic wheat and make real bread. Croissants from our friendly baker! Freshly brewed plunger coffee - South African "Rooibos Tea" a herbal tea from the mountains.
All the above is of course dependant on what's in season.



We would really like you to maximize on the time you have in Cape Town and offer some suggestions for you to consider in your planning.

Early morning to beat the Tour buses \or
Evening after 18h00 when they sometimes offer 50% rates!
If you are fit you can walk down Platteklip gorge.
This should be slotted in on the first available day—weather wise.

An early morning start driving down South to the Cape Point then back via the Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach.
Instead of lunching in the touristy spots –try the False Bay Yacht Club in Simonstown.
A Private Club with a cute Galley that serves excellent well priced food. KIRSTENBOSCH GARDENS should be high on your list. Sunday evening is concert time in the gardens. Be there at 16h00.

This is a full day adventure ….or can be a half day trip
Stellenbosch is such a beautiful town!

For many a must to experience how a huge part of our community live, with the richness of their culture, music and crafts.

The Robben Island trips are usually fully booked so we suggest you make this reservation before your arrival.
Use this link

Bring your bikini—this is the place to chill out!

What To Do in 1, 2 or 3 Days
Unfortunately, you can’t always spend as much time as you’d like in our awesome city. Here are some tips on what we would do if we had only ...
Catch the open-top double Decker Cape Town City Sightseeing Bus and enjoy a guided Hop-on Hop-off Bus tour of the city. There are 17 stops to choose from.
Hop off for a quick cable car ride up world renowned Table Mountain and be inspired by the breath-taking views from the top.
Visit the District Six Museum and immerse yourself in the memories of what was one of Cape Town’s most colorful communities before its residents where subjected to forced removals during the Apartheid era.
Stop to shop, have a bite to eat or explore the Two Oceans Aquarium at the V&A Waterfront
Begin your evening with sundowners on the Camps Bay strip, followed by dinner at one of the city’s award winning restaurants and end off by catching some live local music on Long Street in the City Centre.

Head south along the scenic Chapman’s Peak drive and then on to Cape Point, part of the Table Mountain National Park and home to an abundance of flora and fauna. A funicular ride to the point and a guided walk with the resident baboons is a must. Better still walk up to the Light house.
Make your next stop at Boulders Beach, Simon’s Town, home to one of the few land-based penguin colonies in the world.
Take a break at Kalk Bay harbor, enjoy fresh-off-the-boat seafood, followed by a stroll along the quaint cobbled streets and some antique hunting.
Not to be missed is Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, the first botanical garden in the world to be established in (1913) to protect local flora. Its lawns are ideal for picnics.

Begin the day with a boat trip to and guided tour of the World Heritage Site, Robben Island, where former South African president Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Today former political prisoners act as your guides to this remarkable experience.
Wondering about township life in Cape Town? Take a guided tour to our vibrant and colorful township communities; meet the people, taste the food, feast your eyes on the array of handcrafts and be inspired.
No trip to Cape Town is complete without a visit to our picturesque Winelands. Choose one of the wine-producing areas and sample a mouth- watering selection of fine Cape wines, cheeses, chocolates and olives.
Spend the evening savoring your last moments in Cape Town over a traditional Cape Malay meal in the Bo Kaap, with the city lights laid out in front of you and the plans for your next trip spread around you!



We strongly suggest an early morning start….breakfast at 07h45 ready to leave at 08h30.
Take the N1 turning off to Stellenbosch on the R304
The University Town of Stellenbosch
The four houses in the Central town which have been so carefully restored…...near Church Street.
Dorp Street with its stunning old Cape Dutch Architecture
Simonsberg Cheese Shop…...stock up for a picnic lunch
Rustenberg wine estate—Just off the HellsHoogte Road
This is a MUST—allow 1 hour to enjoy the wines and the magnificent gardens. No Big tourist buses allowed!
Over the Hellshhoogte pass stopping on the way down at the Hillcrest Berry Farm on your LEFT. Mmmmm Lekker coffee, view and cheese cake.
Boschendal—just to give you an insight into the life style on farms in the good old days.
On to Franschoek...The “Little Switzerland” Park and walk the main street—a treat.
Try some Schnapps tasting at Chamonix—careful.
Past the Huguenot Monument and up the steep pass...stopping at the summit to drink in the view.
Down towards Villiersdorp a small country town….then over the next pass to Grabou...the Apple country. Take a LEFT to Hermanus then follow the map thro Betty's Bay following the coast back to Gordon’s Bay.
Follow the N2 back home

There are many restaurants in Franschoek perhaps the two most famous are Ruben’s and La Petite Ferme. But you have your cheeses and breads ++ so think of a picnic somewhere en route!

Mobile phone
On your arrival we will provide you with a local mobile phone which has a few useful numbers.
This is free but you will need to purchase airtime
Africa Room number +27799835958
Prince Albert Room number +27791717713

To Do’s






(Pay the shuttle driver directly – approx R200.00 per couple)



Liz & Trevor Wilkins

15 Welgemeend Street B&B
Cape Town - RSA
Tel/Fax +27 21 424 6625
Mobile 082 490 7097

We publish this as a guide only—it is up to you to fill in the spaces!



With thanks to our guest Francesco for the translation (Francesco stayed with us for 45 days whilst learning English!)

Liz & Trevor Wilkins
Benvenuti a Cape Town nel nostro B&B

Durante il vostro soggiorno a Cape Town desideriamo di fare il possibile per offrire il massimo di suggerimenti e proposte, tenendo conto
delle vostre possibilità e dei vostri bisogni personali
Table Mountain
Partenza il mattino presto con il Tour bus/ o alla sera dopo le ore 18.00 che di tanto in tanto offrono il 50% di riduzione.
Per la gente agile e sportiva è possibile di camminare attraverso i crepacci di questo plateau.
Bisogna comunque con prudenza tener conto dei giorni possibili, a secondo delle previsioni del tempo.

Cape Peninsula
Partenza il mattino presto direzione sud fino Cape Point poi ritorno via Colonia dei Pinguini alla Boulders Beach/spiaggia.
Invece di pranzare nel posto turistico, potete anche andare alla False Bay Yacht Club in Simonstown.
È un Club privato in un simpatico ambiente e con un’eccellente cucina per un prezzo ragionevole.
IL KIRSTENBOSCH GARDENS dovete assolutamente metterlo nella vostra lista d’escursione.
Ogni domenica sera a partire dalle 16.00 potete godervi un concerto all’aperto.

Questa è una pura giornata di avventura……. oppure può essere una mezza giornata di visita nella magnifica città di Stellenbosch

The Townschips
Per molti è l’occasione di fare l’esperienza con le nostre enormi comunità, scoprendo la loro vita,
la ricchezza di cultura, la musica e lo spazio d’area.

The V&A Waterfront
Robben Island
Visto l’enorme richiesta di questo posto, vi suggeriamo di voler prenotare la Robben Island prima del vostro arrivo
Usa questo links

The Beaches-Clifton Camps Bay
Prendete il vostro bikini-questo è un posto di relaxProgramma per un soggiorno di 1 a 2 o 3 giorni
Se non avete il tempo per esplorare ogni attrattività che offre questo posto meraviglioso,
ecco qualche consiglio:

Prendete a Cape Town il bus turistico con guida e lasciatevi inspirare.
Il tragitto comprende 17 fermate dove potrete scendere e risalire a momento desiderato.
Fate un salto con la funicolare per visitare il Table Mountain, lasciandovi affascinare della vista
meravigliosa che offre questa montagna.
Visitate il museo del distretto 6 e immergetevi nella storia e nei ricordi di Cape Town come città
di molte razze, dove in seguito è stata soggetta da separazioni di queste durante il periodo
Fermatevi nei negozi, assaggiate qualche specialità o esplorate i 2 acquari marini al V&V di
Iniziate la vostra serata, sfilando attraverso il Camps Bay, seguito da una piacevole cena in
uno dei tanti locali.
Sul tardi ritornate nel centro di Cape Town e godetevi la vita notturna ascoltando un po’ di
musica in uno dei Pub o locali notturni della Long Street.
Fate il Capo del sud viaggiando attraverso il scenario del Chapman’s Peak, dirigendovi
a Cape Point (parte del Table Mountain National Park), dove scoprirete un’abbondante
flora e fauna.
Lì, una funicolare vi porterà sulla cima e con una guida potrete vedere e conoscere una razza
di scimmie chiamate Baboon. Meglio ancora sarebbe di salire a piedi fino alla Light house.
Fate il vostro prossimo stop alla Boulder Beach di Simons’s Town, dove visiterete una delle
poche colonie di pinguini al mondo.
Fate una pausa e fermatevi al porto di Kalk Bay, assaggiate i freschissimi frutti di mare seguita
da una piacevole passeggiata attraverso la pittoresca strada a ciottoli dove potrete visitare
alcuni antiquariati da caccia.
Non dimenticatevi il Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, che è il primo giardino botanico
al mondo inaugurato nel 1913 con lo scopo di salvaguardare la flora locale.
Ideale per godersi un picnic.
Iniziate la giornata con un giro in barca. Con la guida specializzata, immergetevi nel mondo della
storia della Robben Island, dove il nostro presidente sudafricano, Nelson Mandela venne
imprigionato. Oggigiorno una rilevante esperienza nella politica del tempo.
Volete stupirvi o prendere conoscenza sul modo di vita di una Township? Allora, lasciatevi
guidare in una di queste vivaci e pittoresche Township comunità, entrando in contatto
con il popolo, assaggiando le loro specialità culinarie e lasciandovi inspirare visitando le loro
manifatture artigianali.
Per poter completare il vostro viaggio a Cape Town dovete assolutamente visitare la pittoresca
regione dei vini. Scegliete una o qualche cantina, degustando i prodotti regionali, come vini,
formaggi, cioccolata e olive.
Passate l’ultima serata nel tradizionale Cape Malay, prendendo un pasto al „Bo Caap“,
contemplando le luci notturne e nello spazio intorno a voi sognate il prossimo viaggio.

Assolutamente vi suggeriamo di partire il mattino presto proponendo i seguenti orari:
Colazione alle 07.45 e pronti per la partenza alle 08.30.
Prendete la N1, arrivati a Stellenbosch uscite e continuate sulla R304.
La città universitaria di Stellenbosch
Le 4 case accuratamente restaurate in centro città vicino alla Church-Street.
La Dorp Street con le meravigliose vecchie case (old Cape Dutch Architecture).
Il Simonsberg Cheese Shop. Fate una provvista di formaggi per un piacevole
picnic a mezzogiorno.
La cantina Rustenberg – che si trova sulla Hells Hoogte Road, e che è assolutamente da visitare.
Per questa concedetevi un’ora di tempo e di piacere degustando vini nel magnifico giardino.
Da ricordare che non sono ammessi i grandi bus turistici!!!!!!!
Attraversate il passo di Hellshhoogte, scendendo fermatevi sulla vostra sinistra alla fattoria Hillcrest Berry Farm. Mmmmm bevete un Lekker caffè, torta di formaggio e godete la vista.
A boschendal – date un’occhiata all’interno della fattoria per conoscere lo stile di vita nei bei vecchi tempi.
A Franschoek the „little Switzerland“. parcheggiate e camminate attraverso l'invitante strada principale. Assaggiate qualche grappa a Chamonix- ma con prudenza!!
Attraversate il monumento Huguenot, salite le scale e fermatevi in cima per bere qualcosa e per godervi la vista!
Scendete tutto diritti dove incontrerete la piccola cittadina di Villiersdorf. Continuate fino al prossimo passo e arrivate a Grabou-città delle mele.
Prendete la sinistra in direzione Hermanus poi continuate guardando la segnalazione stradale verso Betty’s Bay e seguite la costa verso Gordon’s Bay.
Seguite la N2 per il vostro ritorno a casa.

A Franschoek ci sono moltissimi ristoranti ma, i due più famosi sono il Ruben’s e La Petite Ferme. In altro modo se avete con voi pane e formaggio ++ allora fatevi un bel picnic da qualche parte durante il vostro tragitto!
Transporto privato o individuale valevole per un’andata

V&V Waterfront- R 50.00 (per coppia)
City Center- R 50.00 (per coppia)
Table Mountain- R 50.00 (per coppia)
Camps Bay- R 60.00 (per coppia)
Kirstenbosch- R120.00 (per coppia)

Phone Rickey- O74 359
Vi preghiamo di riservare in tempo-questo non è un servizio Taxi regolare.
Al vostro arrivo vi sarà messo a disposizione gratis un cellulare portabile locale, con i numeri importanti per il vostro bisogno. Le telefonate sono a vostro carico. In quasi ogni negozio lo potete far caricare con un somma desiderata.
Africa Room number +27799835958
Prince Albert Room number +27791717713




(Il Shuttle è da pagare direttamente-ca. R180 per coppia)


Liz & Trevor Wilkins
15 Welgemeend street B&B
Cape Town – RSA
Tel/Fax +27 21 424 6625
Mobile 082 490 7097

Questo scritto è solo una pubblicazione guida- supplementi stanno a voi da completare!!



Double Click on the image to enlarge - you now have a stunning view!

We are very central to the greater Cape Town...within walking distance of many, many restaurants!Posted by Picasa


Your Africa Room which is en suite, with it's own private entrance, cosy patio where you'll enjoy those relaxing moments!
The plunge pool can be seen through the window.
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GPS Co-ordinates

33°56' 6.5'' S

18°24' 33.61''

From Cape Town International Airport:
· Take N2 towards Cape Town
· This changes to M3 (De Waal Drive) as it goes up the hill. KEEP LEFT
· Follow the signs to “Cableway”
· As the road descends to the City Bowl you will pass under a foot bridge
· About 50 meters from here -
· Take Jutland turn-off (left) Again indicated by a “Cableway” sign.
· This becomes Orange Street.
· After the first traffic light follow the road to the right
· Now keep to the left lane
· Cross over the second set of traffic lights – stay in left lane – about 50 meters on-
· Turn left into Hof Street (just before the Mount Nelson Hotel)
· At the traffic lights turn right into Camp Street
· Turn first left into Welgemeend Street.
· We are about half way up the road – on the left. At night we can be identified
by the only entrance with lights on either side of the gate.

Lost? Phone us on 082 490 7097!


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The double doors on the left lead into your toilet/shower room
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Prince Alfred Room

Bed Configuration can be either Twin beds or a King Size Double bed. A spacious room with teak sash windows and an original Victorian fire place for thos cozy winter nights. You have ample cupboard space, a bar fridge, TV with Mnet, fan, heater, heated towell rail, Shower with a sit bath, Compact desk, plugs to suit most international fittings. Original Victorian high ceilings.
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Prince Alfred Room

Your own private entrance leading onto a deck
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Prince Alfred Room - Shower Room

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(This should answer most of your questions!)

No 15 Welgemeend Street

We offer double / twin bed accommodation in an upmarket Guest Suites in our Victorian B&B (owner managed). Situated in a quiet area on the lower slopes of Table Mountain.

Own Private entrance - leading onto a patio /deck
Shower room - en suite - heated towel rail – Prince Alfred room has a “sit bath/shower”
TV with M-net
Bar Fridge
Tea / Coffee facility
Double / twin bed with cotton sheets, thermal blanket, duvets.
Bedside clock radio
Comfortable chairs
Plunge Pool
Parking within locked gates (under maintenance at present)

Your health breakfast will be served in private

Africa Room:
On your covered patio (weather permitting) overlooking a plunge pool and a view of Signal Hill with Table Mountain behind you.

Prince Alfred Room:
Under the Gazebo in the garden.

Situation –Very Central
We are situated within walking distance of the City Centre - Via the tree lined Avenue through the Historical Government Gardens. Within minutes you can enjoy a walk in the De Waal Park.
For your evening meal you have the choice of more than 20 restaurants and a few cosy pubs within a few minutes-walking- of our home - varying from traditional foods to Thai food. A number of Deli’s are also close by. You could place an order with "Mr Delivery" who will deliver a meal.
Table Mountain is just up the road, there is an easy walk up Lion's Head. - With its ever-changing views of Cape Town. The Waterfront, Clifton/Camps Bay beaches are a few minutes away by car.
The Wine lands of Paarl, Franschhoek (little Switzerland) and Stellenbosch are about 45 minutes by car.

Mediclinic Hospital - a modern, privately owned, well equipped medical clinic / emergency unit is within a 5 minute walk!
Even though we are situated just above the City Centre we have a garden atmosphere in a quiet oak tree lined street with views of Table Mountain and Lion’s Head/Signal Hill.

We are in a Central Improvement District with 24 hour security patrols – a safe place to walk.
Rates subject to confirmation at time of booking

Please give us an email / call to reserve your accommodation.
We do require a deposit to secure.
This can be done by sending us your credit card details and authorising us to draw against this card if required.
We require the following:-
Credit card number
Last three digits on reverse
Expiry date
Deposit is 50% of the full estimated amount.
Deposit is not refundable if reservation is cancelled within 45 days prior to date of arrival. Or if there is a no-show – in the which case the full amount will be payable!
Settlement is by cash - regret no credit cards – These may only used for deposits.
Room available from 12h00 on the day of arrival and must please be vacated by 10h00 on your day of departure. Unless by special arrangement.


Failure of the customer to arrive, or cancellations made 0 to 45 days prior to the agreed arrival date forfeit 100% of the deposit.
Cancellations made more than 45 days prior to the agreed arrival date forfeit 75% of the deposit or 25% of the booking quote value, whichever the greater.
Early departure - no refund.

Shuttle service
We can arrange for a shuttle service to transfer you from Cape Town International Airport to our B&B - about 20 minutes drive. Just let us know if this is required and we will arrange for the driver to meet you in the arrival hall - cost about R200.00 for the 1st person with the second person at about R60.00 (Please settle with the driver. If you wish we will settle and include in your bill)


Most Tour Operators will collect you from our B&B – you have a wide selection of tours from the Scenic beauty of the Cape Peninsula, Robben Island, the Wine lands, The Mountain Passes. We can help you to arrange these when you arrive. Alternatively we can arrange your own private tour – adapted to meet your interests.

The Wilkins Family, and their staff accept no liability whatsoever for any eventuality which may befall any person/s or their possessions whilst on our premises, engaging in any activity or en route to / from our B&B nor for any travel arrangements, tours, late arrivals or departures.
By confirming your reservation you agree to the above.

No 15 WELGEMEEND STREET (off Camp Street - above the Mount Nelson Hotel)
Cell (Mobile) phone number - 082 490 7097
Telephone/Fax ++27 21 4246625 - (all hours)

We look forward to meeting you!

Liz & Trevor Wilkins

December 2009



From an article which appeared in the San Fransisco cronical...............



We stayed in a delightful Victorian B&B in a safe, quiet residential neighborhood of Cape Town, South Africa, a few blocks from excellent restaurants, cozy pubs and the museums in historical Government Gardens. A few minutes takes you past the famous Mount Nelson Hotel to the spectacular gondola ride to the top of Table Mountain.
We had a comfortable room with African decor, a private bathroom with a heated towel rack, TV, bar fridge and coffee and tea set-up. We had our own entrance through a lovely garden with a small pool.
In spite of an inconvenient early morning departure, a cheerful Liz & Trevor Wilkins was up to prepare a breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, toast and croissants, still warm from the local bakery.
With advance notice and a modest fee, her husband Trevor will escort you around the city or take you on a hike up nearby Lion's Head.
The waterfront and beaches are a few minutes away by car; the wine lands of Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are within 45 minutes, and it is an easy drive to the Cape of Good Hope.
Rates are 400 rand (about $51) per night in high season (November to March) and 350 rand (about $45) in low season.
As a result of this we have had a number of follows another article from the SanFransisco Cronicle

Urban B&B accessible to best of Cape Town
Our South African vacation concluded with a visit to Cape Town, where my husband and I stayed at No. 15 Welgemeend. The lovely Victorian home is in the Gardens, a young, affluent suburb of Cape Town just south of the city center beneath Table Mountain and Lion's Head. The home is centrally located, and good restaurants and shops are within walking distance.
Owners Liz and Trevor Wilkins make sure their guests are well cared for. Our Africa Room had a double bed, private patio and plunge pool, a welcome oasis on hot days. The recently added Prince Albert Room has twin beds that can be configured as a king.
Each morning a delicious, healthy breakfast is served on the patio with such dishes as Liz's homemade granola and Trevor's creamy "Mandela's porridge."
Rates are reasonable, especially with the high price of hotel rooms in Cape Town: 300 rand (about $42 US) per person, per night, sharing, mid-April through October; 350 rand ($49) November to mid-April.
Contact: Liz and Trevor Wilkins, PO Box 1934 Cape Town 8000, South Africa. 011-27-21-424-6625,
San Carlos
E-mail recommendations to or mail Follow the Reader, San Francisco Chronicle, 901 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103. Include cost, address, phone numbers (as dialed from the United States) and your name and city. All submissions become property of The Chronicle.
This article appeared on page D - 7 of the San Francisco Chronicle

A.M. - Germany
Many thanks for a wonderful time, we enjoyed our stay and are very greatful for all your help ...and not the least for the marvelous breakfast!.

H.W. Norfolk England

Liz & Trevor, what a relief to be welcomed and looked after, after such a stressful day! I suddenly did not feel alone.....thank you. we have had a lovely stay and only wish it were longer. Thank you for your thoughts and kindness.

Dr P & H.E - Germany
Dear Liz and dear Trevor "Treasure",
Please, please, never sell this beautiful house! It is absolutely devine, and we want to come back here! Thank you from all my heart for your overwhelming hospitality. Dear Liz your really spoiled us - both of you..............

V&M I - Cardiff
What a wonderful home and a wonderful welcome

T & D E - Maryland - USA
From the moment we stepped off the plane and met Trevor & liz, we knew we had encountered a very special couple.............we felt very welcomed in your home and we can think of no better way to begin our stay in S.Africa! ..........................



Villa Rustique in Oudtshoorn. Owner managed with a passion by our dear friends who have immigrated from Belgium.

West Coast Guest House - The Ancient Mariner's Cottage
Port Owen - on the Berg River

Blue Whale Beach cottage in Kommetjie......a great place to "chill out"




Лиз и Трейвор Уилкинсы приветствуют вас в Кейптауне и в своем В&В.

Мы бы очень хотели, чтобы вы с максимальной пользой провели время в Кейптауне и предлагаем на ваше рассмотрение некоторые рекомендации в планировании отдыха:

Столовая Гора
Можно совершить поездку на специальном туристическом автобусе ранним утром или вечером после 18.00, обычно на вечерние туры предлагается скидка 50%!
Если вы находитесь в хорошей физической форме,вы можете спуститься пешком к ущелью Platteklip.Советуем не откладывать эту поездку и использовать первый благоприятный для этого день, так как погода очень переменчива.

Полуостров Кейп
Выехать на машине ранним утром в южном направлении к Мысу и вернуться через Колонию пингвинов, рассположенную на пляже Boulders.
Вместо ланча в обычных туристических местах - предлагаем посетить яхт-клуб в заливе False bay в Simonstown. Частный клуб с прелестной галерой предложит вам отведать превосходную кухню. Также настоятельно советуем посетить Сады KIRSTENBOSCH. По вечерам в воскресные дни там проводяться различные концерты. Начало в 16.00.

Винные фермы
Это может быть полнодневный тур или тур на полдня полный приключений.
Стелленбош (Stellenbosch) очень красивый город!

Городские районы
Многим будет интересно увидеть как живет огромное население города с его богатейшей культурой, музыкой и ремеслом.

Побережье V&A (торговый центр Виктории и Альфреда) на острове Роббен (ROBBEN)
Туры на остров Робен обычно полностью заполнены, поэтому лучше заблаговременно до прибытия заказать тур. Вы можете сделать это, используя данную ссылку

Пляжи - залив Клифтон Кемпс(Сlifton Camps bay)
Захватите бикини - здесь вы сможете отлично расслабиться!

Как провести 1,2 и 3 дня в Кейптауне

К сожалению, обычно туристы не могут провести столько времени сколько бы им хотелось в нашем городе. Предлагаем вам несколько подсказок, как бы мы провели время в Кейптану если бы у нас было всего...

День первый:
Совершить поездку на открытом автобусе Hop-on Hop-off, совершающим тур по достопримечательностям города. Во время поездки автобус обычно делает 17 остановок, на которых вы сможете присоединиться к туру. Работает гид.
На одной из остановок вы сможете подняться вверх по кабельной дороге на всемирно известную Cтоловую Гору и насладиться захватывающим дух видом города с вершины горы.
Вы посетите район шести музеев и окунетесь в атмосферу воспоминатий об одном из самых ярких цветных сообществ, до того как его жители были вынуждены переехать в эпоху Апартеида.
Совершите остановку для небольшого шопинга, обеда и посетите Океанариум двух океанов в торговом центре V&A.

Вечером насладитесь потрясающим видом заката на берегу залива Camps Bay за стаканчиком коктейля, поужинайте в одном из лучших ресторанов города, а в завершении вечера послушайте живую музыку в исполнении местных музыкантов на Лонг Стрит в центре города.

День второй
Проехать по живописной дороге Сhapman's Рeak (Пик Коробейника) и дальше к Мысу Доброй Надежды, являющийся частью национального парка Столовой Горы и погрузиться в изобилие флоры и фауны. Поездка на фуникулере на вершину горы и прогулка в сопровождении гида с местными бабуинами.
Вашей следующей остановкой может быть пляж Boulders,Simon’s Town,где вы сможете увидеть одну из немногих колоний пингвинов на земле.
Отдохните в гаване Kalk Bay, попробуйте свежые блюда,приготовленные из рыбы, крабов, моллюсков и т.д. Совершите прогулку по улицам, вымощенным огромными булыжниками и узнайте что такое древняя охота.

Не пропустите национальный ботанический сад Kirstenbosch, первый ботанический сад в мире, основанный в 1913 году для защиты местной флоры. Его лужайки просто идеальны для пикника!

День третий

Начните день с поездки на катере на остров Роббен (Robben), где был заключен бывший президент Южной Африки Нельсон Мандела. Сегодня бывшие политические заключенные будут вашими гидами в этом потрясающем приключении.
Интересуетесь жизнью городских райнов в Кейптауне? Совершите поездку в город и почувствуйте пульс жизни яркого цветного населения городских районов. Знакомтесь с людьми,пробуйте еду, любуйтесь изобилием изделий местных ремесленников и вы получите огромное удовольствие от поездки.
Ни одно путешествие в Кейптаун не может быть полным без посещения наших живописных винных земель. Выберите один из районов по производству вин и попробуйте лучшие освежающие вина Кейпа, сыры, шоколад и оливки.
Проведите вечер, наслаждаясь последними моментами в Кейптауне за ужином в районе Bo Kaap, население которого состовляют люди из Малазии,попробуйте традиционную малазийскую еду Cape Malay, в окружении огней большого города и витающих в воздухе планов о вашей следующей поездки в Кейптаун.

Некоторые соображения


Мы настоятельно рекомендуем встать рано...завтрак в 07.45,чтобы вы были готовы начать свое путешествие в 08.30.
Повернете с дороги N1 на Стелленбош по R304
Университетский городок в Стелленбоше.
Четыре дома в центре города, которые были тщательно реконструированны....рядом с Church Стрит.
Dorp Стрит с потрясающей старинной архитектурой в голландском стиле.
Simonsberg Cheese Shop( Сырный магазин Симонсберг)...здесь вы можете остановиться на обед.
Винное поместье Rustenberg - на дороге HellsHoogte Road
Это обязательно - оставьте час, чтобы насладиться винами и потрясающими садами. Большие автобусы с туристами не допускаются!
Проезжая через Hellshhoogte сделайте остановку по дороге на ферму Hillcrest Berry Farm, которая будет слева.Ммммммм! Вкусное кофе, красивый вид и кусочек сырного торта!
Boschendal - получите представление о жизни на фермах в старые добрые времена.
По дороге в Franschoek - Парк " Маленькой Щвейцарии" прогуляйтесь по главной улице.
Попробуйте Шнаппс в Chamonix - осторожно.
Мимо памятника Гугеноту и вверх по крутому проходу.... на вершине вы можете выпить прохладительные напитки, наслаждаясь красивым видом.
Вниз по направлению к Villiersdorp, маленькому сельскому городку...далее через следующий переезд к Grabou...стране яблок. Поверните налево к Hermanus, далее по карте через залив Бетти и назад по побережью залива Gordon’s Bay.
Вернитесь домой по дороге N2

В Franschoek есть много ресторанов, наиболее известные из них два - Ruben’s и La Petite Ferme. Но у вас есть с собой сыр, хлеб и еще много чего..так что подумайте о пикнике где - нибудь по дороге!

Частный проезд
В одну сторону

Торговый центр Виктории и Альфреда на побережьи(V&A Waterfront) - R50.00 ( на двоих)
Центр города - R50.00 (на двоих)
Столовая Гора - R50.00 (на двоих)
Залив Camps Bay— R60.00 (на двоих)
Kirstenbosch — R120.00 (на двоих)

Свяжитесь с Rickey—074 359 2261

Желателен предварительный заказ. Это не постоянно работающая служба такси.

Мобильная связь

По приезду мы дадим вам мобильный телефон с местной связью и некоторыми полезными номерами. Эта услуга бесплатная, вы покупаете только единицы для разговора.
телефон африканской комнаты - +27799835958
телефон комнаты принца Альберта - +27791717713

Что сделать:

Забронировать поездку на остров Роббен (ROBBEN)

Вам надо будет предъявить вашу кредитную карточку и данные паспорта

Закажите машину на прокат

AVIS, HERTZ, BUDGET имеют офисы в Кейптауне. Договаритесь, чтобы машина была доставлена утром к нашему B&B.

Известите нас о детелях вашего приезда.

Мы организуем вашу встречу и доставку на место
(Оплата сразу водителю - примерно R180.00 с пары.)

День вашего прибытия

Если приезжаете вечерним рейсом - последующий день - воспользуйтесь "Красным автобусом", чтобы немного ориентироваться в городе.

Лиз и Трейвор Уилкинсы
Trevor & Liz Wilkins
15 Welgemeend Street B&B
Cape Town - RSA
Тел/Факс +27 21 424 6625
Мобильный 082 490 7097

Мы предлагаем это как краткий путеводитель - все остальное зависит от ваших желаний!

With thanks to Nina (Kazakstan) who , as a guest, did this translation for us.